Black Dolls From Around the World - Canada

Black Dolls From Around the World - Canada

Reliable Toy Corporation of Toronto, Ontario, Canada is noted for early dark skinned dolls like Hiawatha, from 1948.  Hiawatha is missing her shoes and her wig is not original. Other composition dolls by Reliable include their version of Topsy and other baby dolls. 

Reliable manufactured the above stuffed vinyl Topsy during the 1950s.

These two 1960s babies, also by Reliable, arrived as heads only (without torsos and limbs).  One has molded hair; the other has rooted hair.  Otherwise, they are identical.  A fellow doll enthusiast who resides in Nova Scotia, Canada sent them to me explaining that they were factory extras that she acquired with plans to make them whole.  Not knowing when she would complete the task, after we "met," she sent them to me.  I added Apple Valley doll kit bodies to the heads and dressed them as shown.  The doll on the right has somehow separated herself from her white socks and pink shoes (or perhaps another doll borrowed them). 

Reliable manufactured this 1970s, 30-inch walker that I found on eBay several years ago. I redressed her in a child's size dress, socks, and shoes.  Read more about her here.

Dee and Cee, another Canadian doll company, produced the above male doll, Calypso Bill, in 1960, which is similar to Horsman's 1950s Pete.  Both dolls have female counterparts, Calypso Jill and Polly, respectively.

Yet another Canadian doll company, Jessie International Ltd of Quebec (formerly Importations Jaques Fournier), made a line of small-to-large vinyl dolls with cloth bodies, girls and boys.   Called the Jessie Collection, the dolls were actually made in China and distributed by Importations Jacques Fournier Ltd/Jessie International Ltd.  The doll on the left (distributed by Importations Jacques Fournier) is from 1990 and has a white cloth body.  The one on the right is from 1995, distributed by Jessie International Ltd.  The latter doll has a brown cloth body. Described as collectible dolls by the company, the serious collector would consider them play dolls.

These are just a few dark skinned dolls made/distributed in Canada.


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