And Then There were Six in the Mix

And Then There were Six in the Mix

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The above dolls represent my formerly incomplete Mixis doll family.  They are from L-R:  Emerald Okada, three versions of Opal Nkrumah, and Rosa Dominguez Katz. 

Mixis dolls are unique, 12-inch dolls representing a racial mixture of two or more ethnicities.  No other doll company has created dolls devoted to people of mixed racial heritage, which is one of the reasons I wanted to own at least one YNU Group Inc. Mixis doll to support and applaud the company's efforts.  Everyone interested in dolls, little girls in particular, should be exposed to or own dolls that represents who-they-are.

My first Mixis doll purchase was made in February 2009 after having been introduced to the line by D7ana at A Philly Collector of Playscale Dolls.  Her enthusiasm about the line was and remains infectious, prompting my purchase of  Mixis Limited Edition Opal (now known as First Edition Opal). 

As things go with me, one doll in a particular series or line is usually never enough.  Usually two suffice, but by June 2009, Sunshine Opal (jointed arms version -- now known as Limited Edition Opal) and the curly haired Sunshine Opal (now also renamed Lt'd Ed) had joined the first doll to form a trio.

As described in her online profile, Opal is of Ghanaian and British descent.  Of the Mixis dolls, curly haired Opal is the only wigged doll.  All others have rooted hair.

Sunshine (Lt'd Ed) Rosa and Emerald also arrived in June 2009.  Rosa's mix is Latin and Jewish while Emerald's is more complex.  She refers to herself as "Black American/Native American, and Japanese." 

Some four years after my first Opal arrived, recent online chatter about the line and doll purchases by fellow collectors influenced the thinking that my incomplete Mixis collection needed Houda.  To complete my collection, the French and Lebanese, Houda arrived at the end of April. 

Houda Degas is shown in her initial photograph taken upon arrival prior to removal from her well-constructed box.  She wears a brightly colored mint green and light blue sundress, handmade espadrilles, and has a matching light blue shoulder bag.

Below houda joins the ladies for a head shot and one final full-view image (click to enlarge):

Emerald (far left) wears an original Mixis fashion which was a gift from a Mixis retailer.  Immediately next to Emerald, is First Edition Opal dressed in her original fashion.  Curly haired Opal and Lt'd Edition Opal (with straight hair) wear Mixis fashions, Rockabilly Girl and Apres Ski, respectively.  Dark-haired, lovely Rosa wears her original fashion as does Houda (far right).

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