American Girl Melody Ellison Debuts on CBS This Morning

American Girl Melody Ellison Debuts on CBS This Morning

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Internet-captured photo
of Melody Ellison

Scheduled for release this summer, Melody Ellison, a post Civil Rights-era American Girl doll in the BeForever Historical line, made her debut on the CBS This Morning show (this morning). The reporter, Jerika Duncan, asked some very valid questions of American Girl Vice President of Marketing, Julia Prohaska:

In the 30 years you have designed over 20 character dolls but only three of them have been black.  Why is that?  


Why did it take til 2016 to see a doll representative of one of the most important periods for African Americans today?

There is a link to the interview segment along with a link to a photo gallery below.   

It appears American Girl is using an existing head sculpt for Melody and not a newly fashioned one that would be unique to the doll, but not being an AG enthusiast, I am uncertain if this is fact.  Perhaps more informed American Girl collectors can let us know by placing a comment as to which head sculpt Melody uses.  

Watch the interview here.  A gallery of 17 photos of Melody, accessories, and other American Girl products can be viewed here.

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