A Doll is an Expression of Art and a Messenger of Love

A Doll is an Expression of Art and a Messenger of Love

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This year for Christmas, in addition to some other non-doll related items and a beautiful Christmas photo card, I received the following delightful gifts from my dear friend, Debra R., who resides several states away.  I couldn't have purchased better gifts for myself had I done the shopping.

(Note that the descriptions provided herein are for my purpose and for the benefit of those who appreciate detail.  For documentation purposes, I will transfer this information onto my doll inventory Excel spreadsheet, along with the current value, not included here.  This is a ritual I have conducted since 2008 after each doll acquisition, intended to help me remember what I have as well as to aid family who may need to properly dispose of my dolls someday.)

Holiday Ann is an approximately 10-inch all-resin, fully-jointed doll by Miss Martha's Originals All God's Children.  Underneath her red felt coat that has a white furry collar, Ann wears a white satin sleeveless dress and matching panties.  Her white socks and black T-strap shoes are molded on.  Her molded black curls are accented with white satin ribbons.  Held with a white satin ribbon around Ann's neck, is a white faux fur muff to keep her hands warm.  Appropriately representing a young girl of about 8 or 9 years, Ann has recently lost her left upper lateral incisor.  This adds to her appealing character face.  I look forward to displaying Ann with the  two Miss Martha's Originals that were birthday gifts from my dear friend this year. 

This chaise lounge was certainly a surprise as well as the bracelet (not shown) that was tucked inside.

The snow leopard-print cushioned top of the chaise opens up to serve as a jewelry box.  There is a deep compartment on the left and an area to store a row of rings on the right.  It also has a mirror underneath the top. 

The chaise is perfect for Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Barbie to relax after performing in Ailey's Revelations to the tune of "Wade in the Water."  (AAADTB was not a gift from Debra.)
Tucked inside a white gift box was this 11-inch, all-felt doll whose name appropriately describes her sweet face, Precious.  Precious wears a delicate white dress with embroidered accents at the bodice with even more embroidery on the skirt of the dress.  White cotton panties, white half slip, white lace-trimmed socks, and white T-strap shoes complete her fashion.  She has a brown synthetic-hair wig with red satin ribbon accent.  Precious holds a white gift box decorated with a red satin ribbon, pine twig, and holly and berry.  The front of her hang tag reads:  Pretty Originals/Collectible Cloth Dolls/Handcrafted & Hand painted/All New Materials/Philly Paul Designs.  Handwritten and signed on the back of the hang tag:  "Precious"/©2008/one of a kind/Philly Paul. 
Precious wanted to take a close-up picture to show the detail of her brown painted eyes and molded nose and mouth.
The red satin ribbon-trimmed lid of Precious' gift box has a card attached that reads:
A Doll
Is an Expression
of Art
and a Messenger
of Love

These are not dolls, but I wanted to share the Possible Dreams "Good Boys and Girls" Santa that Debra sent me.  Santa holds a book containing a list of children's names.  I suppose he is looking for the names of the two little ones who are there to present him with their letters.
In this image, if you click on it to enlarge, you may be able to read Santa's list. 

Click to enlarge to read the inscription on the children's notes for Santa and Mrs. Claus.    Interestingly, this is the Possible Dreams Santa set that I wanted to buy Debra this year.  For several days, I hovered over an eBay auction in early November, but forgot to bid because, as a last-minute bidder, the auction ended after my bedtime.  Sleep overcame me and I forgot to set my alarm to wake up in time to bid.  Unfortunately (I think), someone else won the auction.  I wonder if it was Debra.  Fortunately, I was able to purchase a different Possible Dreams Santa for her. 

Also not a doll, but the Celebration Barbie Ornament Special 2012 Edition is inspired by the Holiday Barbie doll.  According to what Debra told me a few weeks ago, this is Hallmark's last Celebration Barbie Ornament.  I look forward to adding this one to my Barbie Ornament Christmas tree.


After seeing and reading the text on the following image shared by a Facebook "friend" on Christmas day, I immediately thought of Debra.

Thank you, once again, Debra R., for being one of my dearest friends and confidantes for over a dozen years and counting (I've lost track of the exact year we met, but I know a dozen covers it).

I love you like a real sister,


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