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This is my first series of fourteen handmade cloth and rag dolls. Each are unique, from an artists’ perspective. Most of the girls are inspired from the traditional Raggedy Ann’s (Created in 1915 by Johnny Gruelle) and Beloved Belindys' while others are more contemporary rag dolls.

All of my dolls are made from remnants of past sewing projects. This include but is not limited to denim, upholstery, cotton, cotton blends, polyester, & stretch knits. Their hair is yarn that is hand stitched into the head and then styled. They all wear underpants similar to pantaloons. They don a pinafore with an attached belt. All are filled with polyfill. This means that they are totally submersible and can be hand washed. You can even hand wash them in their own bag. (Every rag doll will arrive in her own durable tote bag as well as a photo of the doll.) Doll Tote Bag Doll's Picture

If desired you may also purchase made-to-order dolls; clothing, hair, face, everything. Perhaps you would love to have one created in the likeness of a grandchild or yourself. These are specially priced so call or email me for details and pricing. (909) 816-2584 or fashionbertrand@yahoo.com or barbara@dollsbybertrand.com. Do you live outside of the United States? Contact me for shipping rates. I'm located in Riverside, California, U.S.A. FREE SHIPPING within the United States.

Don’t let the term “Raggedy” Ann fool you. These are tall, stately, elegant dolls. A collection of them will sit regally on a shelf. Like a row of queens and princesses. 

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